Our products are Welding Electrodes, Welding Machines, Gas Cutting Equipments, Cutting & Grinding Disc, Power Tools, Lifting Equipments & all Types of Cutting & Welding Accessories.

Some of the products which we maintain ready stocks are……

Welding & Cutting Sets, Regulators, Cutting Tips, Flash Back Arrestors, Welding Cables, Twin Hoses, Welding Inspection Gauges, Cutting & Grinding Disc in all grades, Sanding Disc, Flap Disc, Grinding Wheels, Mounted Points, Finishing Sticks, Electrodes for all Grades, Special Electrodes, Cable Lugs, Cable Connectors, Electrode Holders, Earth Clamps, Welding Helmets, Safety Spectacles, Chipping Hammers, Leather Gloves, Lighters, Wire Brushes, Cylinder Keys, Tip Cleaners, Doted Gloves, Working Gloves, Welding Apron, Hand Sleeves, Leg Guards, Safety Shoes, Welding Boots, Welding Jackets, Fire Blankets, Welding Ovens Portable & Stationary Models, Tig Torches, Tungsten Electrodes, Ceramic Cups, Collet, Collet Bodies, Tig Filler Wires in all Grades, Argon Regulators, CO2 Regulator with Heather, Argon Hoses, Mig Guns, Contact Tips, Gas Diffusers, Gas Nozzles, Mig Wires of all Grades, Drill Cutters, Rotary Burrs, Crack Detection Spray, Pickling Paste & Gels, Antis spatter Sprays, Pipe and Plate Cutting & Beveling Machines, Straight Line Cutting Machines, Beam Cutting Machines, Brass Brazing Rods, Silver Brazing Rods, Copper Brazing Rods, Brazing Powders, Vertical Lifting Clamps, Horizontal Lifting Clamps, Chain Blocks, Lever Hoist, Nylon Sling, D-Shackle, Bow Shackle, Power Tools & many more...


All Grades of Mild Steel, Low Hydrogen, Stainless Steel, Hard Facing, Cast Iron, Aluminum, Bronze & Copper Welding Electrodes.
  MIG/MAG Wires.
  TIG Filler Wires/Rods.
  Flux Cored Wires.
  Sub-Arc Consumables.
  Gouging Rods & Torches.
  MMA Welding Machine & Consumables.
  MIG/MAG Equipments & Consumables.
  TIG Welding Equipments & Consumables.
  Oxy-Fuel Cutting Equipments & Consumables.
  Safety Items.
  Material Handling & Lifiting Equipments.
  Cutting Tools & Machines
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